Thanks to the affordable care act more low income individuals and families have access to major medical insurance through the APA or the affordable care act however many people are finding that the government health plan is not providing for middle America and many doctors are turning to cash pay so those who had insurance plan in the past about why their doctor.

You can leverage government health plans to cover your hospital and medical needs however the cost maybe more out-of-pocket than you are used to


Non-traditional health benefits are now very popular for those people that have impacted by government health plans and are looking for a low monthly premium with benefits including things like cost sharing, faith based benefits and group allocation as well as new short term care plans and intermediate care plan


One of the strategies maybe taking a 360 40 short term health insurance plan that’s less expensive per month and provide basic benefits and in the event something catastrophic happens and/or you need to switch over to the government health plan and settle for the doctors and hospitals and services they provide this could be a strategy to minimize your monthly expense while healthy and knowing you can always switch to the ACA plan for the end of the year